Monday, June 17, 2013

You mean "Jesus" is not the answer for everything at church?

Pastor Karen asked the kids today if they knew who was Abraham's wife. One little girl got bright eyes and looked like a light bulb went off in her head. She raised her hand and screamed, "JESUS!" Jesus is a good answer but he is not always the answer for every question at church!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mother's Day Craft

The are our mother's day crafts that we did Sunday May 12, 2013. Hope you enjoy!

Hello Bloggers,

I have started this certain blog for all the parents out there that love to hear some of the things kids can come up with. I work at the nursery at my church, and I also work with an inner-city kids program at my church so I am around kids all of the time. I have started to write down what they say and will be blogging about it here. Also, I will have pictures of the items they draw, color, and make on here as well. They are a joy in my life. I do not have kids of my own but God has definitely given me a heart for children and am looking forward to sharing these moments with you all!

God Bless,

Road trip to Arkansas anyone?

G: "I went to Arkansas."
Me: "Where?"
G: "To Walmart."
Me: "But which Walmart?" *Trying to figure out which town he went to.*
G: "The one in Arkansas."
Me: "Which one?"
G: "The first one."
Me: *realizing he doesn't know where he went.* "Oh That one is my favorite!"

Lions, Tigers, and Captain America.

*Standing sideways with arm straight out with a fist*
"Lions and tigers. Captain America has a shield. I am Captain America."
-Z. age 3

Cheerios for Breakfast!

"I eat Cheerios for breakfast everyday. But I've never had Cheerios in my life except I had them a thousand times but not anymore."
-Z. age 3

Fallen Angel?

"The devil lived then Jesus kicked him out of heaven." 
-Z. age 3